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2D - "Double D" (Round die with two flats)

We offer a variety of "DD" Series sizes. Please browse below for currently stocked sizes. Custom models are available as small as 13/16” in diameter.  All "DD" Series Die Sets require the MD-Puller. This puller may be used manually, with our CYL-201 or CYL-205A cylinders, or with any industry standard ¾” -16 stud based puller. 

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Custom uDL750- Die Set 1.330" Dia with Special Key Detail per KEY 133 print Requires uDL750_Puller


Custom uDL750- Die Set 1.376" Dia with Special Key Detail per KEY 137 print Requires uDL750_Puller


Custom uDL750- Die Set 2.250" Dia with Special Key Detail per KEY 225 print Requires uDL750_Puller


INCH : 0.602 , MM : 15.3
INCH : 0.535 , MM : 13.6
Custom Micro Dandy Die Set - Single Stud Pull - Double "D" 0.602 Dia. by .535" Over Flats 15.3 MM / 13.6 MM